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Red with Blue Stripes

Intelligent conservatism in the modern world.

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Created on 2010-03-07 01:11:13 (#483653), last updated 2011-02-04 (424 weeks ago)

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Name:Red with Blue Stripes
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Community description:Conservatives in the modern age; red with blue stripes.
This is a community for people to get together and discuss issues of a political nature. As evidenced by the name of the community, we have a conservative lean.

The goal is information; posting about interesting articles, events, and discussions. Please feel free to post about some article you read (link to the article, do not duplicate it -- respect copyright) and we'll all hang out and discuss it.

This community was founded by an American with abysmal knowledge of the political landscape in the rest of the world, but we do not want to limit ourselves to a purely US-centric point of view. Please feel free to contribute topics of discussion that are relevant to your country, or to the world at large.

We're new though, so a lot of rules aren't fleshed out yet, but let me lay down some ground rules:

1) Respect. This is to be a place of political discussion, yes, but we're here to discuss and learn from each other. If you cannot respect the other participants of this community, you will be asked to leave.

2) Moderate content. Let's keep things to 'what you would hear on the FM radio'. Avoid swearing, nudity, etc. I want to make this a place where teenagers and people who aren't sailors can feel comfortable.

3) No extremism. Seriously, it's not pretty. Let's just say this community is not a platform for things that might be construed as hate speech, racism, sexism, etc. This goes for all extremes.

Violators will be asked to stop, and if they can't, will be banned. I'd rather have ten people who can discuss things respectfully than a thousand person free for all.
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